Network Overview

The Women Administrators Network was formed during the Fall 2007 to encourage, support, and empower women in administrative roles. As reflected in our constitution, the intent was to provide opportunities for networking, education, and communication that supported the following objectives:

  • To create an inviting and nurturing environment for new and experienced women administrators;
  • To give women administrators an avenue to socialize and network with other Texas A&M administrators;
  • To advocate policy propositions and recommendations that express the sentiments of the Women Administrators Network membership on issues relevant to its mission.

The Women Administrators Network includes faculty and non-faculty women administrators and offers an opportunity for discussions and networking across the university, bringing together the academic, operational, and Student Affairs perspectives for engaged learning and sharing. Discussions generally center on challenges found in department and college level issues in leadership and decision making. Past discussion topics have included recruitment, retention, fostering career growth, understanding administrative responsibilities, and working within the university administrative infrastructure. The network is open to anyone interested in successfully furthering women in administrative roles.

The group recognizes the importance of helping to develop potential for future women administrators and opens its events to anyone at Texas A&M who is interested in a future career in an administrative role, even if one is not already holding an administrative title.

Getting Connected

WAN has two email lists to allow individuals to keep up with what is happening in the organization.

WAN_ ANNOUNCE is used by the Women Administrators Network officers to distribute information about upcoming meetings or events that might be of interest to current women administrators or those interested in a future administrative career. This is an open list that allows anyone to sign up to receive messages.

To be added to this list, send an email to and in the body of the text write “Subscribe wan_announce Firstname Lastname” (without the quote marks and replacing Firstname Lastname with your name). To have something posted to the WAN_ANNOUNCE list, send it to one of the current chairs for consideration.

WAN_DISCUSS is a closed list for full members in good standing that have paid dues. Events will be announced on this list, but it will also be used to conduct the business of the organization, discuss WAN specific topics, and call for WAN members to volunteer to serve on University committees. Members are added to this list by the Secretary (according to the constitution).

Though we try not to clutter your inbox too much, list messages will include forwarding or cross-posting announcements, opportunities, and events from other campus entities, such as the Women Faculty Network (WFN) or the Dean of Faculties office that may be relevant to the community of women administrators.

Contact Information

Jane Welsh, Chair
Interim Department Head
College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences
Phone: (979) 845-2828

Kenita Rogers, Past Chair
Executive Associate Dean
College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences
Phone: (979) ) 845-3878

Lisa Brown, Secretary
Director, Extended Education
The Bush School of Government & Public Service
Phone: (979) 436-9117

S. Jane Schneider, Treasurer
Assistant Vice President for Strategic Initiatives
Division of Administration
Phone: (979) 845-6917

Gerianne Alexander, Past Chair
Associate Dean of Research and Graduate Programs
College of Liberal Arts
Phone: (979) 862-4043

Sumana Datta, Past Chair
Assistant Provost for Undergraduate Studies
Executive Director for LAUNCH
Phone: (979) 845-1957

Lisa Brown, Past Chair
Director, Extended Education
The Bush School of Government & Public Service
Phone: (979) 862-8826

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